Stéphanie Garzanti

Stéphanie Garzanti lives and works in Paris. She studied at the Beaux-arts de Lyon and at the École du Magasin in Grenoble. For the past few years, she has been developing works that combines reproductions of artworks from art history and text-slogans taken from public space, which she combines to create images that attempt to renew the meaning we usually attribute to representations. Her drawings have been published in Frog, exhibited at the Grant Wahlquist Gallery in Portland and at L’Artothèque in Caen, published as postcards and risographs presented in bookstores. She also practices experimental and poetic writing, notably in the workshop “How To SupPress University Writing”, and has read her texts in the art centers Bétonsalon in Paris, L’Artothèque in Caen and also on DUUU radio.

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